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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Requiem of the Tide

While I was staying at my parents a peculiar thing happened.

It was almost dusk, the brown leaves covered the ground and attached to the fibers of my button-up, knit boots as I made my way to the car. It had been a long day full of unanswerable questions, like why I only come home when I run out of clothes, or where all the money in my bank account has disappeared to...

Button-up knit boots?

*Cough*. Pepperoni pizza was needed.

I started the engine and swung into reverse; just then I heard a loud popping sound. I watched through my rearview mirror as an explosion of blue liquid shot into the sky. I turned around in my seat just in time to see the Tarantino-esque spray make its way back to the earth. I sat, thoughts racing:

Oh. my. God.

Did I just manslaughtered a Goblin?

A teensy, weensy aristocrat?

My insurance rates are going to hell.

And finally, my last thought as I surveyed the icy, blue carnage...

Talk about great product placement:

P.S. I'm also going to start publishing some imports from my old blog. They will be tagged "imported"and retain their original posting dates.


  1. I still think you manslaughtered a goblin.

  2. hahahaha that's hilarious!!! "low tide"

    Btw, NO your blog does not depress me. hahaha Its comforting; I <3 it :)

  3. Goblins live in bottles of laundry detergent? Never knew.

  4. There are worse ways to clean a tire. lol

  5. haha this made me giggle. i love the button-up knit boots & the "where all the money goes". you sound like me!

    have a happy week!

  6. "A teensy, weensy aristocrat?" LOL! Best line ever.

  7. hey there I lost you for a minute there! I love your blog. Your posts make me laugh and think, a perfect combo if I do say so myself.


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