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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time to Play Catch Up

Let me see here. Oh yeah, that's right. I have a blog. Now I remember.

The last couple weeks have been super busy. I'm *finally* completely moved in to my new place. When reading that sentence don't make the mistake of reading that I'm unpacked, or clean, or have a working kitchen sink, just that I, and all my possessions, are here.

I then came down with the flu. Then my roommate came down with a staff infection in her nose. Between the two of us I've been to the emergency room six times in the last two weeks. Luckily that seems to be behind us. Thank Jesus.

I was better in time to make it to Orlando on the 17th to see Kill Hannah open for She Wants Revenge at the HOB. I had a lovely time, too bad my roomie couldn't go. Megan was still too sick so I tried unsuccessfully to scalp her ticket. I'm a good friend like that.

from left: my new friend, LaTisha, Mat from KH, and moi.

After the show I came extremely close to trying to sneak into an after show DJ set across town above the Social, where Kill Hannah's Greg was to be spinning, but the girl's that was going to help me, one being a fellow brown haired, freckled chick with an ID I could use, had to cancel on me. I was pretty bummed about it, but what can you do?

Turned out better in the end actually because when I got home around 2ish my roommate desperately needed a ride to the emergency room so if I had stayed for the "over 21" bit who knows what would have happened to her poor, massively swollen face.

There will be other shows, it's taken me 14 years to break in this friendship just the way I want it.

On a side note: I pretty much hate the House of Blues. It's my least favorite venue. They don't let camera's in, BUT you can take pictures with your phone. How stupid is that?

Kill Hannah's new album drops next week so I'm sure they'll be going out on their own again soon anyway. Hopefully they'll go back to the Social or some other dive-yer club that actually likes it's patrons.

That being said, I'm off to help Megan find a new nose ring. She started working at Busch Gardens last week, and today they made her take it out and now she has an eleven hour shift tomorrow that they expect her to do sans piercing. We have to find a clear holder ring before the mall closes or she's just screwed.


*Update* Concert Details:

Yes, the show was amazing. She Wants Revenge, quite possibly even better than on CD and with the way Justin was dancing you really couldn't help but join in. It was infectious.

Kill Hannah, which has had my heart for years, still has it. They played two of their older songs "Nerve Gas" and "Hummingbirds the Size of Bullets". Two songs that I never thought I'd have the pleasure of hearing live and together. Can't wait for the new CD pre order to hit my doorstep.

They also had this great opener I had never heard before called Paper Route. Who I have to agree with Mat from KH, should be "fucking adored". Any band that can pull of suspenders while operating a xylophone and an accordion has my props.


  1. Sorry to hear your roomie got sick & you were sick...ugh. Hope that's all behind you now. Lucky you getting to see two of my fave bands! I really really REALLY love She Wants Revenge. Were they awesome? Minus the fact the HOB sucked. Saw Kill Hannah once. And it was terrible BUT it wasn't there fault. They opened for MSI BUT they could only play 3 songs cuz the other opener HOGGED all the time. Sucked. But in those 3 songs, it got me to buy their album. And their other one later. So it all worked out, but still I've never seen a band only play 3 songs, terrible! Glad you had fun and met 'em too! SWEETNESS.

    Take care~

  2. You're hysterical and hip. Glad I happened upon your blog! (I found you lurking around my favorite Catholic teacher's desk.)

  3. Never heard of those band before, will try to find out about them.

  4. That's crazy about your roomie! I'm glad you were there to help her...and I'm sure she felt the same way! Thanks for the advice you passed along...seriously. It made a LOT of sense!! Gonna tuck it away and refer to it from time to time :0


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