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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I Don't Understand

I am not an angry person. I am not a hateful person. Even at my lowest, self loathing has always been sufficient enough. So blind hatred has always been a hard concept for me. How can I possibly hate someone I don't know based on some abstract concept of irreconcilability that in the scheme of things is really insignificant? I can never understand why we can't just accept that we are individuals, that we come with varying ideals, moralities, philosophies, wrapped in varying colors, features, etc. We're so busy judging the rest of the world that we are unable to see just how precariously we perch ourselves on our higher ground.

How can someone believe they are better than someone else because they're a member of a particular race, a religion, from a certain country, neighborhood, "clique"? How can someone hurt an innocent person, a stranger, a lover, a child? Life is too short to let hate and fear be our dominant emotions, but look around. Our entire culture is saturated with it. I can't wrap my head around it and I start to feel like I'm the only one, like an outsider that is missing something vital in the translation. I think about the future and there's times when the prospect is terrifying to me. All I've ever wanted was to live a life full of love, laughter, happiness with family and friends who care about each other and accept each other, whether they always agree or not. They need not be numerous, just... there. Dreams can seem impossible, love obsolete in a world that's become blind to it. I know that there are good people in this world, people who do their best to be genuine, but they seem so hard to find sometimes, so few and far between.

I don't understand this world and the more thought I give it the more I don't ever want to start, no matter how cold it leaves me, even if it means that from time to time I have to feel this way, forever. Because the minute I find that I can understand it, then it might mean I'm starting to accept it and I never want to find myself doing that.


  1. I know how you feel. Here around us hate for things and people that are different is growing more and more again too. Scary...

  2. Hmmm this was really well written. And you certainly echoed what I've been thinking for a while now.

  3. I'm often told that I'm not like any other person from my religion...because I'm not the typical judgemental person. I believe we have the freedom of choice for a reason, and as long as someone isn't infringing on my rights, I don't care!!
    And, don't lose hope, there really are more people out there that share this viewpoint than you think...they just aren't as loud about it :o)

  4. hm.... im the opposite in a way...interesting.....I enjoy seeing what makes people tick.....it makes me a better lover...to know whats going on inside people...I can conceive of why people are mean rude, pissed off...their lonely, with dead end jobs and dreams that only are fufilled when their head hits the pillow..... ps....your not cold...... whered you get that?


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