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Friday, September 4, 2009


...I remember your thread-thin arms
I remember your hands
And how easily it seemed to me
They could rip me open

Baby I`m fallin` away
Baby I`m fallin` away

Wasted my September
With you stuck up in my head
Raced the days closed
In the hopes that the mornings would swell again...

Don't read anything into those lyrics. I just love them. I popped open my planner and saw September and just as quickly they popped into my head.

It's from a song called Loud by Matt Nathanson. That's my favorite section of the song. It's a duet, but I don't know the name of the woman who sings this part, but I love the image created in those first few lines, all that lovely fragility captured in a single moment. You can read something into that if you like, but mostly it just makes me want to curl up somewhere, stare into space, and take Yoga-like breathes of air for no reason at all.


  1. i love fall too. can't wait! :) enjoy your weekend & the holiday.~

  2. word verification was: spormi...very odd!

  3. WOW, luv those lyrics. Thought u wrote them before u burst my bubble! Bring on the turning leaves & the cool breezes of sweater weather.....

  4. Never heard of that song but will try and look it up. And I love the pic you posted

  5. Hmmm ... I love the word fragility. Whenever I hear it I always think of Nelly Furtado's song "Childhood dreams". I love that song. LOVE!


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