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Monday, August 3, 2009

State Changes

When I was a wee young'un I would take ice cubes in the palms of my hands and hold them under warm water. Why?

'Cause I was weird. Lay off. It was that or drugs, okay?

Anyway, this is going to be my new journal home. I may transfer some of my old posts over, maybe not. Haven't really decided yet. I felt like it was time for a new start, you know? My old blog felt a little stale and a bit like I was letting too much effect what I did and didn't say on it, which lead to me not writing anything on it for about two months, and that just won't do so... meh. 

That is all, friendos. Come back soon, ya' hear.


  1. Cool. And I'm not just saying that 'cause of the ice cube story.

    Fresh starts are always good.

  2. Hm. I used to do that too. Guess I was just weird. :)

  3. how did i miss this. dude. did you do this on purpose to hide from me? there's no hiding. and full stalker mode is on.


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