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Friday, August 14, 2009

"Bad" Habit

I haven't really been feeling up to snuff the last few days... whatever that means, and I'm not proud, but I've allowed myself to relapse into some less than helpful habits. I didn't plan to do it. I was just driving back from the apartment to the new house, still quite stressed out by how much stuff I still have to move, when the thought popped into my head: Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to pick up something to take the edge off. I convinced myself a short detour wouldn't hurt anything; I probably wouldn't actually get anything anyway.

Next thing I know I'm back in the car harboring a mixture of happiness and disappointment over my lack of willpower. As I wormed my way through the ridiculous after work traffic I could feel my fingers start to twitch, wanting to rip open the lovely green bag tucked neatly and discretely into my knapsack.
I realize that with all the things that have to be done by the end of this month now is really not the time to waste and God knows I didn't need to spend the money, but I'm only human.

Besides... the paperbacks were buy one get one half off and I had a special savers coupon.


  1. Books are my guilty pleasure too so I completely understand!

  2. Yeah, I agree with the above comment-what a junkie! (I actually bought a book-1st one in a long time-just the other day...) Reading is really good for you...plus it was a deal as you said! ;)

  3. Books....the most sensible splurge EVER.

  4. You have the David Sedaris novel. Is it any good? I seem to have the same problem. I can't help spending money on books.


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