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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 Things That I Learned From District 9 That I Pretty Much Knew Already Or Would Have At Least Guessed At...

1. Smiles are cheaper than bullets.

2. Paper mache equals love.

3. Do not touch cylindrical objects that belong to aliens unless you want the shiz-esque substance to hit the fan your face.

4. Cat food is gross.

5. In-laws are evil.

6. So are big corporations. (Combine the two and yo' best run, Wikus!)

7. Babies, regardless of whether they are terrestrial or not, are always adorable.

8. If you want to eat other people's body parts bad things will happen to your brain. (Typically from developing a case of prion disease, but in this case from having explodie bits entering it at high speeds.)

9. It is darn near impossible to get good fast food service. (This is in no way intentionally related to #8.)


10. That people are cruel and ignorant to those who do not fit the concepts they are willing to understand, and by extension the more "alien" they are forced to become the more "humanity" they gain.

(I know. I'm deep like that, dudes.)

Watch the movie. It was awesome for all the reasons I wasn't expecting as well as all the ways I was.

Hope you're not squeamish.

*Note: The first two pics are poorer quality because I screen captured them off a Youtube video.
I'm just hardcore like that.


  1. Good list. I like #5 and 6-what a great pair. Oh and yeah, cat food is nasty. :(

    Take care~

  2. The shiz-esque stuff looks NASSSSSSSTY!!

  3. I saw it. It was weird. But good. I'd like to be more descriptive, but my brain is running low on energy.

  4. Hmm.... sounds really wrong, so that's why I might check it out ;-)

  5. is michael vartan in it? that's the only way i'll watch it.

    except. i won't watch hawthorne. not for nothin'.

  6. So this movie is good? my friend and I were discussing whether we should watch it at the cinema or just wait for it to come out on DVD.


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