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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lemonade, Anyone?

Dude...For Real?

What's that you see? Why it's a Lemonade Award!

Me, being silly and semi new to the blog world didn't realize that being nominated meant I actually got the award. >.<>
Seriously, read through the sex and relationships section sometime, no where else will you find such a plethora of terrifying and dangerous misinformation. You can practically hear the teen pregnancies occurring.

um... that was poor word choice... onward!

I love your blog, it's always funny and even though you claim to not be a strong writer you are not fooling anyone, missy.

If I understand the rules this is where I nominate 10 blogs that I think have just the right amount of lemon and sugar to make the perfect summery treat.

I'll start with my three favorite fellow Floridians, gotta be keepin' it real for my peeps after all (please pretend you didn't read that):

Mary @ Mary the 1st, I am I am - Definitely one of my favorite blogs. No one rocks the picture list quite like this girl... and I miss the Christmas music already.

Kelsey @ K...Is Not Your Average Girl - both of us are 18, both of us are "K"s, both exhibit an unnatural love of shoes, live in Florida, smash our cameras, and are unable to tan...separated at birth? I believe so.

Jennifer @ Team Martin In A Nut Shell - Jen goes to the same art school as me and is in the Digital Photography program. She never updates enough, but when she does she's worth it. Her and her husband are working on their own Photography business. She's an awesome girl and super talented. She's actually how I heard about blogger.

Vodka Mom @ I Need a Martini Mom - If my kindergarten teacher had been this badass I would have never left.

Kristina P. @ Pulsipher Predilections - One of my first bloggy loves. She's smart and super hilarious. I'd tell you to visit her blog, but I know that EVERYONE already does. Just don't look at her jello recipes...

DrowseyMonkey @ well... DrowseyMonkey - Go for the penguins; stay for the sexy Neil Diamond stories.

Being Brazen - Her pictures crack me up, as do her lists, current addictions, and general randomness.

Carolina Girl @ Ramblings of a 30-Something Year Old Girl - ... and fantastic ramblings they are. I love her blog, great pictures, videos, and crazy cats. It's a good thing I have allergies or they would soooo turn up missing.

Penny Lane @ She Is Anyway - this girl's got everything: smart, witty observations, pop culture references, great taste in music, and just plain awesomeness.

Sarah @ Lemony Life - I don't scour the internet for new funny videos anymore, I just checkup on this blog. Plus she has lemon right there in the name... how can I resist?

And so there they are. Check 'em out!

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