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Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's One Of Those Days...

Do you know the kind I'm talking about?

The kind where you were suppossed to wake up nice and early so you could get everything you needed done before driving to your parent's house to see relatives you haven't seen in a very long time, who have decided to drop by unannounced at the last minute...only to wake up at 12:15 p.m.

The kind of day where you rub the sleep out of your eyes only to have one of your contacts flop out of your eye and land God only knows where.

In which you then are unable to get the other contact out so after 10 minutes of clawing at your eye socket, leaving it a bright, angry red color, you just decide to leave it there and pop a fresh one in the other eye.

Where you then hop in the shower only to learn after you get out that your darling puppy snuck in and stole the underwear you set out to change into once you were finished.

Where after a series of unfortunate events ranging from a man crashing into your parents property line fence to having to go twenty minutes out of your way because of a road block you finally get to see your cousin, a girl a little under two months older than you who at one point in your life you were extremely close to until she moved away, is still taller, skinnier, and prettier than you could ever be and you realize that the two of you have virtually nothing to say to each other after having not been in the same room with one another for over two and a half years.

You know...that kind of day? Well, it's been one.


  1. Sounds like an awkward day. Crappy.

    For some odd reason my contacts like to pop out in the shower! Quite the pain in the arse. I too only replace the missing one. And I don't do it like the eye dr showed me. I just kind of *JAB* it in until it sticks.
    I pretend that the red swollen eye is a fashion statement.

  2. The great thing about that day?
    It's over. YOU NEVER have to have that day again.

  3. Holy cow! I'm actually glad I've never had exactly that kind of day.

  4. Thankfully those kind of days dont happen too often

  5. I soooooooooo know that kind of day.

  6. awz.... Bad day.... I stayed up until 2 am talking to my mommy only to have her wake me up to "take care of the kids" and when i got up I couldn't breathe through my nose. =(

  7. those days make you appreciate, and look forward to, tomorrow. Plus, they really suck!


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