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Monday, December 15, 2008

Check Out My New Banner And What Not!

First off, remember how I walked into a pencil sharpner last Tuesday? Well this is what it looks like now:

In case you were curious... I realize now that if I ever get married everyone is just going to assume he beats me. "Oh...I...tripped and hit a pencil sharpner..."

"Likely story, Ma'm."

I'm feeling pretty productive...tired, but productive. Finals are this week and then I'm going up to my sister's house for Christmas and I cannot wait!

Lucky for me, end of quarter doesn't seem to be hitting me as hard as most seeing as I've been routinely watching the sunrise for the past few weeks so it's not killing me that finals mania is in full swing - the up side of insomnia? Maybe...maybe O.o I'm not too concerned though. I know enough by now that I'll crash out eventually, until then I might as well ride it out in fashion.

For example, I wrote a 900 word paper, argumentation in APA format thank you very much, in a little over three hours, a 700 word one in a little under one hour, checked out my teacher's ass for what has to be the four millionth time (and I don't even have that class today *wink*) and then drank a peppermint white chocolate mocha from Starbucks and giggled a bit to myself when it reminded me of some scenes from Zack and Miri Make A Porno. De-licious.

I then took my English final in 53 minutes and spent the rest of the time in the computer lab making this awesome banner for my blog:

Knowing that I couldn't put it up quite yet, since it clashes with my Christmas vibe, I altered it into what should appear at the top in my header. I'm quite proud of them.

Oh and did I mention I saved a turtle from near certain death on the highway yesterday?

Life is good, my friends. Life. Is. Good.


  1. Your blog loads really slow for me and maybe other readers. I can't see anything! You should check it with a speed test and make sure it's okay. I'm 7mb down / 499k up.

    --->Free Internet Speed Test<---

  2. Ouch!
    I've absolutely walked into a pencil sharpener before. I've also managed to get giant bruises on my stomach by walking into corners.

    Good luck with finals. I can't wait til mine are done!!

  3. ...your blog loads fine for me, and my computer is a friggin dinosaur...

    L♥VE your blog header!! Great job! (I'll still take you up on your offer if you're willing.... I just have ZERO idea what to have! I am creative-challenged. ): Still thinking though!)

    Wow! That bruise. Ouch. Any damage to the pencil sharpener? ANYTHING?

    I'm sure that turtle is holding you in it's highest praises. Unless it was a suicidal turtle, like your raccoon friend. :P

  4. Your blog loads fine for me. Love the banner!

  5. Well, we may need to hear more about that turtle. ;)

    And yes...I bruise easily too and when I was first married I had people asking me strange questions until I realized they were trying to figure out if I was being hit! lol ... I wasn't I'm just really clumsy and bruise easily. Anyway.

    Love the new banner!

  6. your banner is perfect. yay for finals being over. you're a life saver.

    my hubby hates it when i walk into things. because i bruise like nobody's business. he insists that i not clumsify myself unless there are witnesses.

  7. Kick ass. Sounds like a good week! Make those finals your bitch, girl.


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