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Friday, December 19, 2008


Christmas vacation, you are mine at last.

Goodbye to Mr. _____ and his "nudie" models, how I will miss checking out your bum thee.

Goodbye to Mr. _____, even if his painting of the woman with a pig face tied to a chair sort of freaked me out when I Googled his artwork at the beginning of the semester. You're rad and I'm glad I have you again next semester.

Goodbye to Mr. _______ and your little asides that no one seems to get but me and two kids who sit in the back.

Goodbye to Mr. _____ and his overuse of the word "delicious". (For example, my CD jacket design project: "This is some seriously juicy work. These graphics are just delicious.") You make me giggle, Sir, and I will miss your class and our impromptu "field trips" to YouTube.

Goodbye to Mr.-Super-Duper-Adorable-Redhead that works at the school store, and who I wish I had the nerve to smex silly talk to. Thanks to you I've probably gained five pounds in soda pop. Also, I love how the same day that I finally actually talk to you, as in more than the usual "Hi, How are you?" "Good, and you?" routine, I learn that you will no longer be servicing the school store and by extension no longer um...servicing... my bored and idling brain. Alas, I shall oogle you no more.

*Yes God, I can hear you laughing at me up there. You are NOT funny. All I'm asking is for you to throw me a bone every now and then, as many chuckles as you get out of me I don't think it's that much to ask. I know I don't have a shot with Red, but do you have to take away my eye candy?*

Where was I....Oh yeah...Goodbye to computer meltdowns, to Trojan viruses that attacked my hard drive three days before finals rendering me unable to get to any of my work.

Goodbye to printers that you literally have to give a good swift kick to get to work Where is the Fonz when my English paper is due in T minus 3 seconds and the printer is just spewing blanks because some newb has clogged it up again?

Goodbye to graphite stained fingernails, and to extended deadlines. I still don't have my computer fixed and have stooped to borrowing the roomies.

I think tonight I will go to sleep and stay that way for more than four hours for the first time in a week. Tomorrow I'm going to do some Christmas shopping and start packing to go to my sister's. I'm going to cuddle those nephews as much as I can while they still let me. (Even if they insist on beating me up first...)

I don't know how busy the next few days are going to be so in case I forget to mention it later I hope that everyone gets what they wanted, but more importantly I pray that everyone has a happy - and safe - holiday.

Merry Christmas and whatever it is you celebrate let the sentiment be the same. <3


  1. Yay for breaks! I'm just happy for the weekend!

  2. i'm glad you survived finals and i really wish i could have seen Mr. redhead he sounds...delicious have fun at your sissy's

  3. Oh! You are not the only one with killer trojan viruses. All three of our working computers were infected about a week before finals. I had to come early and stay late for class to get all of my work done....geesh! I am so relieved for 3 weeks off! wee!

  4. this post was absolutely delicious.

  5. Oh wow - your life sounds fascinating! lady with pig face...sheesh! Enjoy your down time!

  6. I hope you get lots of relaxation time in this break.
    Gotta take naps...it keeps everyone human.

  7. This is the second end-of-semester post that I've seen that has been really good. It's kind of making me wonder why I haven't written one.

  8. Lol at your eye candy statement. When I was in highschool, my biology teacher had to move me to a different table cuz I wouldn't/couldn't take my eyes off of the arse of the beautiful boy who sat in front of me.

    Enjoy your holidays!

  9. I am so glad the semester is over...have a great break!!


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