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Sunday, December 7, 2008

10 Things I Can Not Say No To...

In no particular order:

1. A bubble bath complete with candles/incense and my favorite CD.

2. Anything that comes out of my nephews' cute little faces.

3. Furry creatures.

4. Themed movie marathons.

5. A brown eyed boy. ;P

6. An afternoon nap

...possibly with said brown eyed boy. *shifty eyes* A girl can dream, can she not?

7. A second helping of my sister's ooie gooie this Christmas.

8. Vader. (Well, I can say it, just...nothing happens.)

9. Procrastination. Which is why I'm writing this list rather than doing my English paper.

10. Sticking my feet up on the back of the theatre seat in front of me. (When no one is in that row, of course.)


  1. Furry creatures are also a huge weakness of mine!!! And I am glad you only put your feet up on the seat in front of you if no one is there...it is really annoying when people try to do it when you are in front of them ;o)

  2. I adore your list. AND the pic..:-)

  3. WOOO!!!! Random pictures... lmao I'm glad you didn't lose your license... thats really lucky. Maybe it was better that you didn't cry =D
    and You forgot to add something to your list.... "movies from Blockbuster that look "good" but turn out like crap". Just saying....

  4. Hi, I just found you on Blog Stalkers Unite.
    I'm a Floridian too and from the looks of it, I'm guessing you're about a year older than me. Or we're the same age, I'm 18.
    Anyways just wanted to say hi, I'll be back! (Did that just come off as totally stalkerish? That was not the intention...)

  5. I'm with you on the bubble bath, themed movie marathon and of course, I love brown-eyed boys! The pic of you and your Mom is so cute.


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