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Saturday, November 8, 2008

When Did Illiteracy Become The New Black?

I’ll be the first to admit that I am, and always will be, a first class, top of the line geek. Growing up I constantly went from chubby to lanky in a horrible never ending growth pattern that always left me three inches taller than any boy I ever had a crush on. (I still slouch.) I was always falling down due to my near crippling klutziness. I’ve broken approximately nine bones doing little more than just being little, old me. Take these ingredients add freckles, glasses, a college reading level by the 4th grade, and hitting puberty just a little bit too soon for comfort and you’ve got a recipe for self esteem disaster that I’m not sure I’ll ever completely recover from. That being said, I realize that my particular brand of “cool” has never been cool. What I don’t understand is why ignorance now is.

Now, I understand our education system is slowly circling the drain: schools are overcrowded and under funded, teachers are paid badly and becoming apathetic as they realize that the joy of teaching only happens when you are actually ABLE to “teach”. What I don’t understand is why this is being embraced. Why are kids being taught to idolize people who are morally and intellectually bankrupt? Why is all this trash being regurgitated and served back to us as popular culture?

I guess this rant blog is partially in response to my general outcry and also in part inspired by my own personal experience, for example some instant messages that have been cluttering my inbox. These are actual IM’s I’ve received on my Myspace page from strangers:


“u r so cuti & sexi…..what u gettin at 2nite?”

Oh! My personal favorite: “was good ma ui like u and i wana chill wit u so if u wanna do somenthing 2night o wen ever hit me back up u got a number o som”

The last one is from a guy who’s profile picture is him holding a large liquor bottle in one hand and grabbing his …er…nether regions with the other. Oh yeah, Mr. Sexy. That one always get's me hot. Sigh...

I never reply to these things, just silently die a little inside and scroll forward with my life. I'm just so sick of dudes sending me a message telling me I have pretty eyes and then in varying degrees of disgusting asking me if I want to meet up and have sex with them. Does that actually work on some girls? The part I find truly scary is that I receive these so often; which tells me logically that these guys have to be getting some positive feedback in return. Why else would they continue? Which brings me to my next point:

Dear Girls, WHY????

Why do you allow yourselves to be treated like crap? Why are your myspace backgrounds littered with men who's greatest contributions to this world are "lyrics" - *giggle* lyrics, now that's funny. - like "to the sweat drip down my balls/ all you b****es crawl" and "call me so I can make it juicy for ya"? Why do you want to be with men who act like this? What happened to romance, affection, mutual understanding and respect? Not to go all feminist or anything, but why did our grandmothers fight for equality so our generation can throw it back at them? Why do you idolize women who do nothing more than bask in their own plastic, self admiration? I mean really, do you actually give a flying frick who Paris Hilton's best friend is?

I guess that's really all I have to say. It's enough to make a girl give up.


  1. Ah, this problem endlessly plagues me also.. and I am 15. You mention all the valid points that I cannot because of the mental anguish it would cause.

  2. Aww, come on, you really didn't give the spelling champ your number o som? LOL. Um. EWWWW! You go, girl. Pah-reach it!

  3. Hey! This Is Arie...From Johnny Bravo's class...lol the loud angry often outspoken one... i love this blog. I get the same type of responses only worse...Women have officially lowered their standards. Americans have though. THere really are no morals left. Not that I am perfect by any means but IT is a SHAME! Especially within my culture...using the n-word like its no tomorrow even though we fought so hard to get rid of it. As a woman I am out raged. Why can't we find clothes that are a decent length that don't bare our breasts but are still stylish? Of course i freakin love some of them but still.. I just have to pick the prettiest of them..lol. People are being raised by uneducated parents who condone it.

  4. I blame the babyboomers. They wanted to topple the barricades, so they did. Now there are no standards left. Their children are being raised with no rules. I mean it, if I hear about one more 48 year old mother being taken to court for allowing 16 year olds to drink beer, I'm going to scream.

  5. As you know being that we live together and me commenting your blog is useless I complete agree on this.there another comment "from the heart"

  6. It's so sad that girls think that's the best way of getting attention and go for it. These guys are douche bags and it's unfortunate that these girls don't realize they deserve more.


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