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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

I hope everyone had a great holiday. All in all, ours turned out better than expected.

Wednesday: I ended up meeting with some friends for a teenager only Thanksgiving. Four girls, one turkey, one massive food fight.

I'm not sure how it started exactly. One moment everyone was sitting at the table enjoying their pecan pie and arguing over how well the cool whip was being dispensed when Nikki decided that Megan's face needed some. Megan ran outside carrying a full tub of cool whip as we tried to figure out what we could chase her down with. I scooped the whip cream off the top of my pie and lead the charge outside...leading Meg to dump half the tub directly on to my chest. Not exactly a smart idea seeing as I now had half her ammo (and what a convenient little shelf for it too! :P). Next thing I know everyone is scooping whip cream off each other and smashing each other in the face with it.

The end? Of course not.

Megan went to take a shower, leaving the three of us messy and alone to plot. Nikki had opened the bathroom door and had socked Megan right in the back with the last of the whip cream, but it just wasn't enough. Nikki said that we should wait until she got out and then jump her, but with what? That's when I saw the jar of peanut butter sitting on the counter. just then we heard the water cut off. What we didn't count on was that she was armed, too: shaving cream. The smelly kind. As she creamed Cora in the face I smashed two giant handfuls of peanut butter on head. Leading her to come at me with the rest of the pecan pie, despite my attempts to hide behind Nikki. (She ducked - traitor.)

Thursday: For dinner we went to Carmela's, a small Italian restaurant. I was a little wary... turkey ravioli? stuffing lasagna? It was actually really good.

On a more serious note: My sister and her family came down. It was good to see them, I just wish it had been under better circumstances. My brother in law's honorary grandmother passed away, the funeral is tomorrow so they drove down to be with his mom. They stopped and had lunch with us before continuing South. If anyone reading this is in the habit of taking prayer requests, it would be much appreciated if you could pass some their way. I know today must have been very hard for their family. Hopefully, we should see them again before they head back to Georgia.

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