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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nice Knowing You, Self Esteem

Almost everytime I use my Myspace account this ad invariably appears on my sidebar.

I will be the first to admit that I am anything but the ideal, but come on people! Let's take advantage of a site who's target demographic includes an insane number of young and often very impressionable, teenage girls to run an ad that pairs the above image and the word "over-weight". (Personally, I would die of happiness if I could fit into this chick's above designated "fat pants".) Body image bombs away!

Chocolate anyone?


  1. Yeah, pass me some chocolate and a side of peanut butter.

    That picture is ridiculous.

  2. i honestly think it is disgusting. The girl in the pic is a rail. And if i could fit into those jeans i would be dying..lol... I think people should embrace themselves for who they are...besides THICK IS IN!!!

  3. That is, by far, the grossest picture! Photoshopped beyond all reality...

    and if anyone IS that skinny...she hasn't hit puberty yet and/or she can't walk up a flight of stairs thanks to malnutrition.

    Now excuse me while I wriggle my arm fat in the mirror.

  4. I agree with everyone. More Chocolate, people should love who they are (and shoes) and photoshopped to DEATH.

  5. Yeah... I see this same ad, only instead of 18 yr olds, it says "for 27 yr olds." Stupid gimmicks!

  6. That picture is ridiculous. Completely so. It's a terrible bit of propaganda, worsening or helping to develop eating disorders.

    For one, that girl is too thin, it's likely not a real image; for two, God made everyone in different shapes and sizes. We are meant to all be healthy, not all be thin.

    Stupid society.

  7. K L Heinly: That didn't dawn on me. Fantastic, not only does it single out women but zeros in on their age as well. Now I feel super special!

    Thorny: Same here. My mom once told me she'd like to see me in a size four and I told her that the only time that would happen would be at some point during the decomposition process.

    Lydia: Stupid society indeed. How boring it would be if we actually were all just carbon copies of each other.

  8. um... that's not a human body. that's a turkey leg in jeans. available at any disney snack kiosk in frontier land.

  9. I know what you mean about it being low on the list but there are always going to be people that are below the basic. Some people just cant be helped - I know that sounds mean. However, I know personally that there are some people that no matter how much you try and help them they always fall back down, sometimes on purpose. My uncle is on drugs, we have sent him to rehab and prison. We did it for him to get better but he didnt want to he wanted people to work hard and him get the earnings.

    My point is, we can give money to the below basic but how do you know who to give the money too and who would use it correct; to feed hungry mouths, pay bills, etc.

  10. The chick in those jeans is anorexic!! There is no doubt about that.

    I dieted for 2 years to get down to a healthy weight (b/c I was 80lbs overweight), and these crash diets do nothing but hurt people!!

  11. Try the diet that works for all 18 year olds- bulemia and anorexia. Might as well say that, right?

    jesus, these people........

  12. Oh boy. Somebody please give the girl in the picture a cheeseburger. With bacon. And extra mayo.

    Her torso is practically the size of my leg!

    So sad how "they" are marketing THIS to ANYONE, let alone teenagers. Sad. It's all I can say. Sad.

  13. Whoa the girl in that picture looks emaciated. Yuck.


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